People just love Cannabis Museum Zagreb

Museum on 250 square meters of inner and 150 square meters of the outer part is one of the most modern Cannabis museums in the world, and definitely the most modern one in Europe even the Marijuana is still illegal here. We educate, we do workshops, we grow hemp plants inside, and we are selling tickets that you can actually smoke. Five separated sections will teach you about the history, growing, medical, entheogenic, and universal use of Cannabis.


Uniqely designed rooms


Decorated floors


Of Inner space


Let´s erase indoctrination for the new generation!

Our museum is place that people can enjoy in many different ways. We are organising tours, workshops, educational meetings, and many more events, all with one goal. To change society!

Private tours
Animated content

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We covered everything

Discover Cannabis through 7 thematically decorated sections


Grow tent

Grow Tent

Are you an experienced grower, or just someone who's tired of growing same old vegetables every year, and want to step up your game with some devils lettuce? Then you will definitely find our "Grow Section" very useful, in which we covered all the bases there is. Including old fashioned ways, as well as most recent technologies.
Gift Shop

Gift shop

Great! You've finished your tour through the museum, but now have too many information's stuck in your head. What could help my brain to soak in all of this wonderful knowledge? How about a hemp sweets, or CBD & CBG flowers? In our Gift shop you can pick and choose from many different edible products such as hemp chocolates, cookies, beverages, chips, and many more! Or maybe you just want to bring a small piece of experience with you home. Don't worry, our accessories selection got you covered 🙂
Medical Rooma

Medical Room

A medical room. Place in which we took a more detailed look at this plant, and how does it effect a human body. It's pros and cons. I'm sure you've heard of THC, but what about other 100 cannabinoids, or even terpenes and flavonoids? You might be a passionate user, but there's a lot left to learn about this plant!
Recreational Room

Recreational Room

Everyone's favorite! And just to answer your question real quick, smoking is unfortunately not allowed in this room, due to regulations. Nevertheless, here you can learn about different cannabis categories, history of a joint, types of hash, or how cannabis products look like in countries that have legalized weed. There is also a "chill zone", place where visitors can chill with our couch potatoes. Sometimes we can't tell the difference between the two.
Universal use of cannabis

Universal use of cannabis

We don't necessarily use this plant just to get high as a kite. As a matter of fact, we can use 100% of this plant in 20,000 different ways. Textiles, paper, edible products, building name it! We are proud to display Croatian manufacturers that use hemp as a main ingredient to produce products such as hempcrete, pet food, and shoes.
Our mission

History & idea

Countries of Southeast Europe have a long-term history of hemp cultivation. In 1949, the former Yugoslavia was the third-largest hemp producer in the world, growing a total of 200,000 acres of hemp crops. After the breakup of ex-Yugoslavia, independent states such as Croatia began passing laws against Cannabis.

After several decades of extermination and criminalization of cannabis, a young team from Croatia, led by Mr. Tvrtko Kracun – the owner of the company, decided to open one of the largest and most modern cannabis museums in the world – Cannabis Museum Zagreb.

Ticket cost and museum size

Tickets you can smoke?

The price for 1 adult ticket is $8, but what makes this ticket more interesting is the fact that the ticket is also a set of rolling papers and filter tips. You can actually smoke the museum ticket.

Stretching over 4000 square foot, the museum presents a wide range of cannabis use and its benefits – including morphology, millennial history, cultivation, life cycle of the plant, as well as recreational, medical, and universal use of cannabis.



The museum also contains a rich variety of exhibits, and in several showcases, You can find the products from US and Canadian markets which can now be seen for the first time by the Croatian public. Even though, a majority of residents in States and Canada, take these products for granted.

Outdoor garden

Outside of the museum, various workshops, screenings, and panel discussions about Cannabis are taking place in a nice environment.

All in all...

Without a doubt, the Cannabis museum will come in handy to a lot of people not just from this region reather from around the world, in order to learn about the benefits of the plant as well as the benefits for the market. We hope we will succeed in that mission.